A Woman Passing

Making the journey, finally,
to the city to find a life,
I passed the granddaughter
of the sun god. She
moves towards me, screaming:

‘don’t ask why I leave
pass no further remark
the only work here is the labouring
under the weight of the male body,’

going on, veiled,

not seeking the light
but the source of its limits.


Published by Visual Verse, Vol. 03 Chapter 07.


‘Exposure’ published by Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, Vol. 02 – Chapter 08

-VisualVerse.org (2015)



first published in The Wild Ones   A Quarterly Queer Lit Rag, Issue One

-The Wild Ones Publishing (2015)




‘Mirror Therapy’

‘Jazz, in a Place they Wouldn’t Normally Have It’

first published in Panado  Poems from the  Tower Poetry Summer School 2009

-Tower Poetry, Oxford  (2010)