Ag Caoineadh

Good News For Global Economics       

The News from the East                        


The steppes                                                   



Mirror Therapy                                         

Jazz, in a Place they Wouldn’t Normally Have It   


Good News For Global Economics

Your Name 

Can you still hear me across the border? 

Smoking, Eight Floors Up      

A Woman Passing         

Helen’s Bay                

The Pigeon House     

The Burial     



One thought on “Publications

  1. Your poetry is soul wrenching and deeply moving. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world, Suzanne. I have been to your country in 1980 and again in the early 2000s. You can read about my first trip in 1980 in my coming-of-age travel memoir, At Home In the World: Travel Stories of Growing Up and Growing Away.


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